You need Java (version 6.10 or above) installed on your machine in order to be able to run this executable.


>>java -jar localCommunityFinderApp.jar inputFile startingVertex minSize maxSize forceStartingVertex outputFile

inputFile: name of the input file, which specifies an undirected network in edge-list format. This file should list one edge (as a tab-delimited pair of vertices) per line. You may also specify a weight for each edge (as the third tab-delimited value).

startingVertex: name of the starting vertex, the names are not case-sensitive.

minSize: the minimum size of the reported cluster.

maxSize: the maximum size of the reported cluter.

forceStartingVertex: whether the reported cluster must contain the starting vertex

outputFile: name of the output file. The vertices in the cluster will be written to this file (one per line).


>>java -jar localCommunityFinderApp.jar twoHybridNetwork.txt YMR181C 10 50 true myCluster.txt

Finds a local cluster in twoHybridNetwork.txt, starting from vertex YMR181C. The cluster will be of size greater than 10 and less than 50 (inclusive), and will contain the starting vertex. The vertices in the cluster will be written to myCluster.txt.